How do I deal with Bible difficulties ?

Relevant principles for dealing with Bible difficulties.

Keep the text in context: Failing to consider the historical and Biblical context of a particular verse or passage may be the most common mistake of all. But it’s crucial to an accurate understanding of the text. The Bible doesn’t approve of everyone whom it quotes or talks about.

Subject the obscure to the straight forward:.The Bible is clear about many things, so always allow the which is clear to be a guide in unraveling that which is not clear. In other words, trust the perspicuity of Scripture. As the old adage goes, “Let the main things be the plain things, and the plain things be the main things.”

Allow for partial accounts, quotes, and particular points of view: Don’t always assume that a report or quote is wrong just because it happens to be less than 100% complete.

Acknowledge the difference between citations and quotations: Many times a passage from the Old Testament may be referenced in the New Testament without necessarily being quoted. Why shouldn’t a writer be allowed to cite the essence of a text, just as we often do today, without offering an exact word-for-word quote?!

Remember that the Bible employs literary devices: Metaphors, analogies, types, allegories, hyperboles, and similes would all be examples of this.


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